Saturday, 19 July 2008

Catch up part 2!

My very dodgy take on Hands - Samson using his "hand" to wash his face This one is up just cos its pretty!!! RED!!! Towel Ripe (ening) Upside down, one of the next to picctures is upside down but which on!! i know its not very pretty

Monster catch up

Red - Balloon Rest - Samson in /on his fave sum trap his mummys car roof Rest - KK reclining on the dining roof floor with one of daddys shoes Peep - KK has taken to peeping through the cat flap couldn't catch her in the act, but here is her view when she does peep Chain - George @ ASDA necklace Row - a row of bollard ( is that what they are? - the owls are part of Oldhams festival of diversity) Row take 2- more from the diversity / culture day Ring- Primark all the way baby Can - cherry 7up, who knew they made this all i need now is to find cherry 7 up free and i'll be happy Can take 2 - dead watering cans in TK Maxx. shannon ur not the only one who takes pics in shops!!! (this is with my phone)
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