Monday, 23 April 2012

16 Romania

Romania. What instantly comes to mind is the pictures that used to be on the news children in orphanages 2/3 to a cot bed. If you know me you will know I'm not a massive fan of children but those pictures broke my heart. I'm assuming things have improved as its not in tv anymore well at least I hope it has. Apologies for my ignorance if it hasn't

What I also think of when you say Romania is Darcy. I know her because of Romania.

My friend Sue. Who gets lots on mentions here made some sock monkeys for darcys friend to take to Romania and I set sue a message to pass on to Darcy. I can't even remember what it was, but I was no doubt in awe of a sock monkey or something

She replied via sue then added me on fb and ive been in awe of her talents ever since. (ESP the cake journal!)

I tried and failed to draw See pic i was trying to copy mine looked like he had a perm not dredsso iwent with. Sock monkey. To add reliant I even cut up a sock

Thursday, 12 April 2012

15 Iceland


I felt quite excited by getting the country early yet it's half 11 on Thursday night And ive bodged something together

Inspiration that bloody volcano.

Airport frustration. My flight was canx cos of it.

I've done a hastily written note. It has no to or from as I've nt written a back since Wales.

I kinda love and hate this page

I started by screwing up paper then inspired by draw something I scribbled a kids volcano type pic. Stuck some random sequins to it. What shite do I own!

Then hated it so stuck the note over it all with washi and fabric tape I acquired in a fit of madness in paper chase

Apologises the quality of this post is awful. Blogging from the iPod is never good xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

14- Singapore

I almost didn't do this one.

I have been to Singapore (airport) for about 2 hours in total over 2 visits (to and. From australia) it was a lovely airport. Very big and a bit disorganised

The process I go through with these cards is I think myself of the country and the first thing that pops to mind with Singapore was sky scrapers and water.

I've read a couple of books by Lisa See a while ago and I'm sure one of them was set in Singapore but I could be confusing it with something else

Then I turn to google images for just Singapore. The skyscrapers again and again.

Next I might search traditions / festivals etc. this week however I read an article in a free magazine that's distributed in the uk about travelling to see art. And Singapore was one of the places and it said there is a massive Andy Warhol exhibition. I might update my book page to incorporate this.

They also mentioned a dragon boat festival which looks really good but I did a dragging for china and tbh I'm too lazy to draw another

So I went simple and skyscraperey
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