Saturday, 14 July 2012

t'Other Blog

Clothes and Stuff is my other blog, it used to be private and about me losing weight but as i've not lost in a while i've hidden all the old posts and going to blog the clothes i wear.

its not a blog about fashion tbh its just clothes and stuff xxxx

Friday, 13 July 2012


The first thing that came to mind when i thought of Germany was the Berlin Wall (why Black Forest Gateaux didn't i'll never know!)

The Berlin wall, what do i know about this well being honest not a lot, i know it divided East and West Germany and it was demolished and the Hoff was there, he gets about a bit doesn't he?!

When i thought of the wall before googling i thought of Graffiti and this is what my google image search was.

There are some amazing images and without doing any further German Googling i decided to recreate a relatively easy  graffiti image into my card.

Then i used some other elements i saw to make the book page.

Initially i did a light grey water colour paint on the book page and postcard.

then i bought some cheap brush tip felt pens from ASDA (supermarket) i have bought quite a few promarkers but i was worried about ruining them using them over paint as i've done before.

i am really impressed with the colours and it doesn't matter if they get ruined.

Monday, 9 July 2012


Another catch up complete. And the book page is done.

I've used tickets I had collected from my trip there.

I've been to Krakow twice. I loved every moment.

It might seem strange but I did almost identical things on both visits.

I went to the most amazing Italian restaurant on both visit. If you know me on real life you will know I'm not a fan of Italian restaurants. I love the food put proper home made fair like my friends papa used to make.

I also went to the salt mines and Auschwitz both trips. Both are amazing places for their own reasons.

I've found it very hard when describing Auschwitz to people who haven't been and I stick to my disruption as amazing. That word possibly seems distasteful but the place is so hard to describe

As you go in through those most famous gates you see what could be a low rise modernish industrial park. Offices. Dentists doctors etc. it's only when you listen and it's very quite and when you go inside the buildings to the exhibitions.

I cried when you have been to Auschwitz they give you a few mins before takin you on a bus to birkenu sorry I can never spell that.

The first time I went I phone my gran in the gap. I love my gran but she drives me batty but I needed to feel connected. She was born in 1931 and her dad served in WWII. To think this told place not all that long ago and to think how the world could be so different if the war ended a different way

Ok sorry. I digress. I you get a chance go.

I did many other things in Poland but as I'm on my iPod I really am struggling to say more

Friday, 6 July 2012

27. Isle of Man

I used a calendar stamp in pink and blue ink for the back ground then with a black ohp pen drew (ahem copied) the symbol. I struggled with the blooming foot. It felt like I was trying to draw looking in a mirror.

Not done the back.

I have caught up with Thailand but not happy with it so not posting that for now xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Post cards lost in the mail.

Ops not posted since week 14 how lacks of me

I have done weeks
15 Iceland
16 Romania
17 Norway
18 new Zealand (just realised I haven left space in my book
Oh I have posted these blogged is out of order on my post lists.
19 Bulgaria

20 west Africa. This week we needed to pick a west African country. I didn't I googled west African art. And copied

21 England. This page isn't what I wanted but it's done

Big gap till

27 isle of man

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