Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Monday, 7 September 2009

Happy and "Life's a journey not a destination".part 2

My facebook is not playing tonight so posted here, but will add to the group album as soon as i can. Because i used a cheat shot for my promt yesterday i took a real pic today, i'm stood waiting to cross the road outside work, i turned it sepia to make it look a bit prettier!!! I have been looking for happiness all my life!!! well for the past 2 days trying to find a shot to take and could i find one could i heck!!! well after braving Slimming world after a week off and basically eating what i wanted i couldn't face the scales and to make it worse i couldn't wi 1st!!! but i amazingly lost 3lbs!!!! so i found my happiness on the scales but they arn't so pretty either!!! so when i got home i needed my tea (can't eat before i get weighed!) i discovered it was wine monday (aka no work tomorrow!) please don't get me wrong i very rarely drink during the week but i've had a day from hell, but those scales made it worth it!!! i digress, i couldn't just have wine for tea so i have made cheese n bacon toasties and yes i am allowed them!!! (just maybe not the wine!) Don't you think I tunes can be spooky, i was thinking of a quote to put and I tunes chose for me!!! (it wanted the word to be happiness but who am i to argue with technology!) so I tunes presents Jimi Hendrix ~ Wind Cries Mary! After all the jacks are in their boxes And the clowns have all gone to bed You can hear happiness staggering on down the street Footsteps dressed in red And the wind whispers mary

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Wisdom for the weekend 3 but my 1st!

HSMSHS has moved to a facebook group for reasons see the post on HSMSHS The lovely sue chose this weekends wisdom and its a beautiful quote... "Life's a journey not a destination". . . . from the lyrics of "Amazing" by Aerosmith, written by Steven Tyler and Richie Supa. so here is my pic. i'm planning to do the weeks worth of prompts suzy posted on the group Words for week commencing 7th Sept taken from HSMS February 2007 Monday - Happy Tuesday - Funky Wednesday - Cold Thursday - Odd Friday - Dusty so watch this space and or the facebook group xxx

Monday, 13 July 2009

MIA - but think i may be back

re post from hsmshs:

Coming Soon....

HSMSHS, this coming week is having a 'Project week'. A mini project that lasts just 5 days. If you are a regular player, a little change in our set up will inject a little variety hopefully into your photography. If you lurk on our blog and have never played along before, this is your chance to jump in!
Play along on all 5 days or dip in and out as time allows.
HSMSHS 'Project Week' - 5 days - July 13-17 - Tell Your Friends !!! Nature's Beauty - Day 1 We're having a little shake up in our routine this week and decided to have a project week! 5 days, 5 prompts but all with one common theme - 'Nature's Beauty'. There's no end of inspiration at this time of year. You can step out into your garden, local park, beach, field, mountains. Snap the flowers, trees, landscape, people, animals. We will be giving you all 5 of this weeks prompts today, so you can have a little time to prepare. Please link your contribution (directly please to the photo not simply to your blog) as at the end of the week we will be producing a gallery of images to be posted here on HSMSHS of all contributions. By linking your photo in the comments section you give approval for us to post the photo on this blog. So, Here's a brief outline of the project ..... Nature's Beauty All 5 prompts from this week will come under the over-arching theme of Nature's Beauty. However, for each day there is a sub-heading which are as follows : Monday - Yellow Tuesday - Green Wednesday - Purple Thursday - Pink Friday Red If you would like a little extra challenge, try some Macro photography. Most cameras have a macro setting, and if your camera doesn't you can always use your photo editing software to crop to give the appearance of a macro shot. To help wet your appetite we are providing a few links. Check out this website for great info on improving your macro photography: http://www.photoaficionado.com/situationroom/macroscope.html Take a peek at these flikr groups for great inspiration on macro shots : http://www.flickr.com/groups/macro-and-close-up/ http://www.flickr.com/groups/macroflowers/ And for those of you wanting to try out some landscape shots, take a look here for inspiration : http://www.flickr.com/groups/347232@N20/ And here for a few tips : http://www.photographytips.com/page.cfm/77 ok people i have been away for a long long time but through the power of facebook i have found out about the above challenge and i think i'm back on board. i'm gonna save all my pics up n post them all on thursday. looking forward to getting abck into the swing of things xxxxxx

Monday, 9 February 2009

06/02/09 ~ Row

05/02/09 ~ Belt

04/02/09 ~ Radiate

this may be more illuminate?!

03/02/09 ~ Trinket

02/02/09 ~ Orange

A bright, warm colour produced from mixing red and yellow paint. Show us something orange in your space today.
Colin the cat toy and the orange nail varnish!!

30/01/09 ~ 3

29/01/2009 ~ Staircase

A series of steps to facilitate passage from one level to another. Find 'Staircase' in your space.
once again the turning of pics isn't working

28/01/2009 ~ Hinge

A device for holding together two parts such that one can swing relative to the other. Show us 'Hinge' in your space.

for some reason no matter how many times i change the orientation of the pic it wants to be sideways so please crane ur necks xx

27/01/2009 ~ Carve

To cut or chip in order to form something. Find 'Carve' in your space.

26/01/2009 ~ Discard

To get rid of as useless or undesireable. Show us 'Dicard' in your space
The recycling!!!!!!!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

23/01/2009 ~ Water

A liquid that is essential for plant and animal life. Find 'Water' in your space
Water Quote:A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.[Eleanor Roosevelt]

22/01/2009 ~ Tip

The pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering. Find a tip in your space.

We were just a hit or two away all night. You just have to tip your hat to them.

~ Rocket Wheeler quotes

I've heard a Rumor that across the pond these are called Q-Tips

personally i'd call em cotton buds but they serve their purpose!!! :OD

21/01/2009 ~ Aroma

A distinctive and typically pleasant smell. Show us an aroma in your space.

"The No. 1 most recognizable aroma on the planet is coffee. When you add in the bakery, our best advertising could be delivered through your sense of smell. ... If it smells delicious, at some point you'll want to come in and have a taste."

~ Mark Bloom quotes

Thursday, 22 January 2009

20/01/2009 ~ Fruit

A sweet and fleshy product of a tree or plant. Show us some fruit in your space today.

19/01/2009 ~ |nstruct

provide with information, to teach or give instructions to, show us 'Instruct' in your space.
i thought i'd struggle till i got to work and everything seems to be full of instructions!!!!
i had a fab idea to merge these into one picture and have been trying since monday but alas fotoflexer isn't playing ball
1st 10 attempts only half the pictures would load, attemps 11-19 the final product wouldn't save
20 i manage to much up the web page so you couldn't get to the save button and 21 thought it was done saved it came to upload it and i couldn't find it so went to save it again and the whole internet shut down!!! ACE!! so be happy with these folks!!!!!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

16/01/2009 ~ Square

A geometric shape with four equal sides. Show us a square in your space today
My god have i struggled with this one. kept looking all around me rectangles, triangles, cirlces, stripes, flowers, you name it but no Squares. but as i drew the curtain at the top of the stairs Square after Square after Square, then i remebered that my bed room wall paper is all squares doh!!!! not the best shot in the world but it up!!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

15/01/2009 ~ Jolly

Merry, full of fun, delightful and enjoyable, show us Jolly in your space today. Wii family ski family shot!!! its quite scary cos my dad does look like his mii!!!

14/01/2009 ~ Sport

An athletic game or pastime, often competitive, involving physical capability, show us 'Sport' In your space today.
I (ahem) walked the race for life on 15/06/08 and raised £70 for Cancer Research, this and the Wii are the closest i've come to sport in quite a while!!! i decided to drag the wii fit out tonight after months of non-action, but alas the batteries had died with my fathers half arsed attempt to say he'd find me some he sat down put his laptop on dug out some earphones and loads BBC Iplayer!!! so i grabed the batteries out of the old camera and stuck then in the wiimote as that 2 had died!! and had a look to see what games we had. we got a wii a while back and the wii fit when it came out at 1st but we really don't take advantage of it. we've got loads of games and my dad has been to morrisons a few times when they have the cheap game offers on. last time we went he bought Wii Family ski that can be used with the balance board so i thought go on then i'll have a turn and my god is it fun!!! only did single player free style as we only had 2 working batteries!!! but its well good, u can take virtual pics of your mii and get challenges and still i was doing jumps. if u want an arm work out its highly reckomended!!!

13/01/2009 ~ Handle

To touch, hold or move with the hand or a part of anything designed to be held or grasped by the hand, show us 'Handle' in your space.

12/01/2009 ~ Technology

The application of mechanical or scientific for industrial or commercial use. Show us Technology in your space. Inside the cupboard of wires at home!!! The Back of my PC at Work!!!

09/01/2009 ~ Old

Made, built or having lived for a long time Show us something old in your space. Kitty Anne has been with us for 10 years now, and i know thats not old but its the oldest thing i could find!!!! hehe

Friday, 9 January 2009

my year in pictures

last year i want to do a blog of my own pics ideas, but never did the found HSMS. while i don't want to neglect that i want to take my own pics so i have decided each week i will try to take pics around the themes below. don't have time to think of 365 pics myself and i hope i haven't knicked ideas of people, i've just put a random name next to each week. if anyone wants to join me please feel free. these words arn't set in stone and may change. 1/5 Fun 1/12 RED 1/19 Light 1/ 26 i, Myself or me 2/2 Chain 2/9 Sweet 2/16 Sky (take a picture of the sky , no fancy work just point n shoot!) 2/23 you who only me 3/2 Paper 3/9 Pen 3/16 mirror mirror on the wall 3/23 Date 3/30 script 4/6 ABC 4/13 you & Me 4/20 123 4/27 candle 5/4 Celebration 5/11 Pink 5/18 Feminine 5/25 me 6/1 Feline 6/8 Moveable 6/15 static 6/22 leaf 6/29 drawer 7/6 purple 7/13 Black and white 7/20 funky 7/27 them 8/3 show me the money 8/10 keep on moving 8/17 Dark 8/24 you again 8/31 Ink 9/7 Time 9/14 fave place in all the world 9/21 home 9/28 it 10/5 jewel 10/12 deep 10/19 shallow 10/26 music 11/2 action 11/9 me in action 11/16 taste 11/23 cycle 11/30 rain/rainbow 12/7 drop 12/14 decorate 12/21 Tree 12/28 fave pics of the year

Thursday, 8 January 2009

08/01/2009 ~ Homemade

Made by your own hands rather than factory made or shop bought. Show us something homemade in your space today. Not that you can really tell but its Quorn Moussaka!!!! and it was yummy!!!!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

07/01/2009 ~ Sphere

A round, ball shaped object. Show us a sphere in your space.

Once again blogger playing silly begger!!!! so much for taking and editing the pics!!! will try again tomorrow!!! xxxx

06/01/2009 ~ Heart

A representation of a persons thoughts and emotions. Find some heart in your space today. Last christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away This year To save me from tears Ill give it to someone special Represented by my paperclip creations at work and my hand drawn snow heart!! well it would be if blogger could load my photos!!!

Monday, 5 January 2009


To welcome in the new year, the definition of our first word is 'the source, origin or commencement of something. Show us 'Beginning' in your space.I joined Slimmingworld tonight!!!!!! i'm back to my heaviest ever weight and the same as the last time i joined WW ekkkk am scared but i need to do something about it!!!
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