Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wreck this journal

Sorry another update.

Cover - I found the Chavy bling a lot of it wouldn't peel off so I've stuck on what I can

Spill page- coloured in with drwent aquatone's so I'm hopeful the colours will run when I drip.

Page numbers / leave blank

I've water colour washed the back ground and coloured in with a mix of aquatone's and paper mania metallic pens and one gold paint pen

Leave blank was done with some daubs of tube lamp black water colour paint and a face wipe in lui of a brush then written on with a paper mania colour burst marker.

Test page. Just added some more pens

Fat lines/ thin lines. I've added. A mix water colour wash. Not sure what I'm gonna do on here yet

Paper chains. This is the page I couldn't remember last night. I didn't want to cut the page up as it has the fruit stickers on the next side. I used some origami papers cut into strips and stapled together in heart shapes something I saw on pinterest. However my battery was dead so I couldn't check how to do it. It hasn't turned out great but this isn't about perfection

Monday, 14 May 2012

Wreck this journal

I've done a few more bits to pages.

I'm sure this will be an intense project for a while then I will get bored of it.

It's defo not a thing to do in order. Some pages I want to do before I do the others

Like the sew on page I want to do before the next page which is stick a newspaper on to. However I think the newspaper would give additional strength to the page. So I'm torn.

All the pages before are works in progress.

I have lots of stickers but I don't want to fill it so soon

We have a lot of fruit in but only one banana had a sticker on it

I'm going to use watercolour paints on the numbers page and maybe a coue of other pages

I thought of something else I wanted to do but after flicking through the book I totally can't find it.

The drip coffee page. I have started to spill coffee on it but after I did it I drew a cup on each page. I'm going to colour with water colour pencils and respill coffee on one side and tea on the other.

I'm a bit gutted that most of my pens show through and I know this would be the case with the official one as well

Wreck this journal

As part of the Postcard challenge i've been doing set by Darcy  i kept seeing a name pop up Tee Thompson and seeing Random names and challenges. well i found the secret group on FB wha haha not so secret! and asked to join. Now i'm not too confident how secret this is as who can trust FB these days. 

Anywho there are a few familiar names on there from the postcards and a wreck this journal album. now i have seen this a few times on Amazon  its only a fiver but after doing a few google searches and blog hops i have decided to make my own.

now i have left out a few things out nothing too major but cos i thought i was running out of pages but i have some left over sods law. 

things as mostly in the same order as the book from a website i found via pinterest

so far i have wrote "WRECK THIS JOURNAL" on the cover and stuck on a strip of sticky back fabric. i have got some tacky "chrystals" that spell out Stephanie somewhere, i think someone got me them as part of a secret santa present many years ago. 
I am trying to stick to the basic principles of the "real book" 
This involves:
 writing my name in white - done 
 writing my name illegibly - done
 writing my name in tiny letters- done
 writing my name backwards- done
 writing my name very faintly
 writing my name in really big letters - done

Instructions - copied directly from the book, i might do more to this page.
What i love about this book it that its already wrecked as i've ripped pages out before
Materials - again copied the list and used fabric tape as a nod to Materials  
The next page i did said Chew on this. i just took a bite at the bottom 
Next page said crumple - i'm a bit disappointed with this might have to add colour and re-crumple
Next make a paper plane. - i cut out most of the page and folded into a traditional paper plane shape
Next i coloured both sides with pro markers (mainly cos the colour bled through)

Then i stuck it back in with some pink sticky tape
TEST PAGE - i have scribbled a few of the pens i've used so far, this will defo be a work in progress page
Place Sticky Things Here, i have gone with stickers.
Pink flowery lace tape, then clothes stickers from Paperchase that were randomly in my pen box and then some hearts from a scrapbook pack that had been left out 
Talk about self destructing, i left out the page that said crack the spine but i tried it anyway and the book fell apart!

i've stuck some PVA glue and some more pink lace tape to "fix" it!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Art Journal Birthday Page

Not sure I like how this has turned out but I wanted it more like a scrap page than an arty page per se.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Art Journal

I've been intreaged by this concept for a while and I'm sure I'm way behind the times but I've started my own. It's Ina water colour pad I've had for years that have some zentangles in when I started doing them a couple of years ago

My pages so far

They won't be I'm order but I'll take you through them

1. Tree. This is my default doodle. A tree with my name round it. Ir also added likes and dislikes and some brads for flowers. I hate this page

2. Girlie page. I ripped up some scrapbook papers I had and added some cut outs from a pack of things I've never used

3 watercolour zentangles

4. S's and dots

5. Nod to Jubilee

6. Dedicated to the postcard challenge

7. Magazine rip outs

8. Red prepped

9. Blue prepped.

10. Yellow prepped. This has some bits glued to the page first for added interet and will be a page about my birthday.

11. Green prepped

19 Bulgaria

I've still been poorly so I want going to do this one. Then I got a bit of time on the main pc. I tend to only use my iPod / blackberry for fb twitter when I'm at home as use a pc all day at work but found out about a cross that is special to Bulgaria and used that as my inspiration.

I have written all the backs of cards up to the one before Romania. So will do a catch up post soon.

I glued the print out of the crosses and the writting using pva as I knew it would "bleach" out the colours from the paper and I'm liking the effect. I ha planned to draw a cross on to the post card but I've hurt my back this afternoon to add to the ear infections and cheat infections I've already got!


Saturday, 5 May 2012

18 New Zealand

Still not well.

I should have lots of ideas for this as my cousin lives in NZ.

But I didn't.

My inspiration came from Australia's biggest loser. Bear with me

When they get to the final 4 they ship them off to NZ to find themselves. Aka chuck themselves off cliffs. Absale down waterfalls hike a million miles with the weight they lost strapped to their backs.

But in ever series they've been given a maori symbol necklace to symbolise something personal to them

So there is always a woman given a fertility symbol who has gone of the show to lose weight to breed.

Etc etc. but my fave symbol is koru. The beginning of life or a new start.

I'm really not happy with it and I might make another card about something else.

17 Norway

Ive had a chest infection and not in the mood to post card. I quickly did this the other night

Water colour back ground. Then fine liner pro markers and pencil crayon oh and this white felt tip from paper something. X

I've also got a book of random a4 papers and used the Celtic pages for the page and back of card
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