Friday, 24 February 2012

08 Cuba

Cuba so many ideas but no idea where to start.

Google images is always my first port of call and some of the old pan am etc posters kept calling to me but I kept coming Back to a pic of a pink American car in front of a turquoise building

And beaches.

I did my background page early on in the week and I like it.

It's some papers I think I got from paper chase years ago and some peel offs I got as part of a set. Im not a scrapper or a card maker so why have I got so much art stuff. Cos I love t and I want to be crafty

I know peel offs can be a bit naff no offence but I thought these looked cite.

I made the pocket out of a plastic sheet I got in a pack from tk maxx

The post card is bigger than my normal on one of my daily trips to the works ( sale in now) I got a make your own post card kit with a cute lion/ unicorn stamp some more paints ad pencils

The card it's self is painted with block watercolours in light blue then dark green to make a turquoise then I used the rose colour to paint some cream card stock. Cut out a basic card shape added detail with a pink glitter pen a green pearl sticker from the same set as the plastic sheet.

It looked a bit plane so I drew a random palm tree. I doodle this a lot on my pad at work very simple with a gold paint pen for the trunk then used a Jenna coloured pro marker to make it more tree like.

Used 2 shades of green glitter pens to drawn the leaves

Stuck the card to the background a. Et voila

Friday, 17 February 2012

Postcard 07 Wales

Wales, what springs to mind?

Shhh sheep (i hate sheep)
Doctor Who

Well i went for Daffodils, but i'm not sure i like it?

i need you help what should i do with it? and the page? it looks better in real life that it does on my ipod camera picture! I've also added a couple of pages to the top menu. I'll add each weeks postcard when it's completely finished and the complete list of countries. !

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bit of a geek.

I decided to try and list 52 countries. Assuming I would quickly fail. But I can name a lot more than 52. So in my list I just said Africa and the Caribbean instead of breaking it down to a more detailed level. Even then I still could name more than 52. I wonder if we will go to the places I've listed?
1- Austria
2- Spain
3- Brazil
4- China
5- France
6- Belgium
So here goes my list

7- Australia ( my guess from Darcy's clue)  Wales
Now just a random list
8- Denmark
9- Sweden
10- new Zealand
11- Portugal
12- Canada
13- Switzerland
14- Malta
15- Greece
16- mexico
17- Germany
18- luxembourg
19- Finland
20- Norway
21- Estonia
22- Iraq
23- Iceland
24- poland
25- Africa
26- Nepal
27- Japan
28- the Caribbean
29- Romania
30- Russia
31- Latvia
32- Lithuania
33- England
34- Ireland
35- Scotland
36- Wales Australia
37- peru
38- USA
39- Indonesia
40- Italy
41- Netherlands
42- Moldova
43- turkey
44- hungry
45- Iran
46- India
47- Argentina
48- chile
49- Mongolia
50- Saudi Arabia
51- Bulgaria
52- Pakistan

Monday, 6 February 2012

Postcard 06 Belgium

Belgium. So after thinking about it. I've come up with a list
Chips and mayo

So where did I go with my card?
Poirot! He is a legend. I kinda love him a lot

The little grey cells had a work out on this one

I really liked how my France card turned out with my men as the colours of the flag

So how do I make it the same but different

I painted the middle with yellow water colour paint mixed with pva glue

I used the aqua crayon without water for the red. Then I cut out a picture of poirot. Once again the image was too small Grrrr I need to learn! So I decided to add the moustaches

Background page beer beer beer :)

Postcard 05 France

I have decided to do two post cards from France Ohh Lala

I have a couple of reasons for this

I bought a pack of Paris based post it notes a couple of days before i decided to do the challenge - i knew France had to come up eventually!

and Even though i hate football i am in love with 2 footballers! Eric Cantona and zinidine zidane, they had to feature some how.

Now as you know i have been away minus anything remotely crafy so had to catch up once i got home 

My Card decisions also be came complcated by an article saw an article in the Sunday times travel section about a carnival.
Card 1 - Paris
Paris Post-its put to good use (i have ruined this card by accident so i will re do it soon) 
Back of card more post it notes and the airmail label is from my trusty pack of writing paper from Watersones 
Background page, initially i was going to print off some old posters from the internet like Chat Noir etc etc but then i decided to paint the page white (like you do!) for some reason i also put out black paint so decided to give it ago and i actually like it! 

you can't tell on thos photo but on the white background i used the flower stamp to make indents, then after i'd painted the tower it looked a bit shit! so while the paint was wet i added more flower stamps no extra paint just stamped away like a mad woman!

i think it broke the badly painted tower up ( i didn't sketch it first as the white paint was still wet i just made it up as i went along looking at a tiny image of the tower)
Card 2
This card is going to be from S who is at a carnival in Nice.o I've been adding to my carnival back ground. I've used some aqua pencils for the top sunflowers and yellow water colour paint and pva for the bottom ones
I also found a flower stamp so used the same yellow paint to stamp some down the side of the page.
FINISHED page and Card...apart from the yellow blob bottom right corner i am quite happy with it! 
Note to self keep pages simple!

Postcard 04 China

This came out while I was away. I keep getting sucked in to the dragon.

Last night I cut out an airmail label from some note paper I got in waterstones

Today I painted the front of the card with crimson water colour painted mixed with pva glue

Yes Neil Buchanan is my biggest art influence.

I've printed off a dragon image that I'm thinking of trying to draw on the card

I thought these cards would all end up collages but I'm going to try and mix it up a bit.

I have no craft space so I was sat in bed newspaper balanced on the bed while I painted! Living on the edge.

Pics airmail label
Red paint

Update. 7/2/12

Dragon days. I've drawn ( ahem copied a dragon onto my card

Just need to do the text now and a back ground page.
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