Friday, 30 March 2012

13- Turkey

Turkey, i sound like a right misery guts this week but I really dislike Turkey. I went when i was 18 for one of my first girlie holiday with my friend. 

Originally we were planning to go to Ibiza in the summer after A Levels, but unfortunately Ibiza uncovered came on Terrestrial TV and her mum said NO! ops! 

My parents had booked to go to Turkey on a teletext holiday (how retro - this was 1999)  and there was a couple of holidays left so we booked as well. Now it turns out my friend had kind of let on we we going away with my mum and dad, we were going to the same place on the same flight but to different Hotels in different parts of the resort, her mum only found out when she was dropped off at my house! OPS. 

so we land, i have a bad feeling, i want to stay on the plane and go home but sadly planes are not like buses and you can't just stay on. After an Epic 5/6 hour journey to the resort we arrive at our Hotel, they hadn't finished building it, no Aircon dodgy staff, 15 mins walk from the centre. Parents hotel was on the main strip, beach front above an all night bar! sods law! 

Ok not painting sa pretty picture am i? it was awful i hated it. the men where sleezy and all loved my friend, you couldn't go 3 foot without getting hit on and dragged into bars, power cuts usually happened when walking back to the hotel and was quite scary really. i was really worried about eating as i don't eat Lamb and i can't stand the smell and i was paranoid my food had been cooked next to or on the same grill / pan etc as lamb and i was convinced i could taste it. 

the song Kiss Kiss (the original not Holly Valances version) had been number 1 for quite a while and was on every where and yes i knew the dance. Mambo Number 5 was also an over played song. 

the only time i was happy walking any where was when we met up with my parents as my dad is a Chameleons  he blends in where ever we go and they all thought he was a local, so as long as he didn't speak we were treated with respect and like humans rather than insulted in a we are really trying to trick you klinda way. 

OK from the Archives, i found my photos, they were in an album so i took pics with my ipod which is the worst camera quality ever so apologies., 

Me with our Hotel Neighbor and my friend with Mustafa the sleezy waiter 
My mum at t'airport, another neighbour and some scenery 
Party in our room (check out the classy fakes)

This weeks 

So i did have a pretty good holiday, fond memories and some good stories but i wouldn't willingly go back. 

So my list of ideas for this week. 
evil eye (or is it lucky?) mud baths, ancient tombs, no pork products (insert sad face) heat, earthquakes, power cuts, money is in millions (this might have changed) fruit tea, knock off goods, shisha pipes, night clubs, the kiss kiss song,

 everywhere we went whether it was a shop or a restaurant you had apple tea forced up on you, and its rude to refuse or not drink it but its horrible (to be fair i now drink fruit tea so i might like it but without all the sugar) but i love the look of it and how it was served in little glass cups.

I actually did my card on Monday, wowzer i know. 

Backgroud page is some papers i got in Huddersfeild inside market a couple of weeks ago (please stop me buying)  
The back
The front. 
Its acrylic sheet coloured with some pens i also got in Hudds, the stuck to green velum  with silver sticker to be a tea bag, some embroidary silks and a bit of card to be the string and tag. (i realised after i'd done i should have used orange for tea colour but hey ho) then stuck to a post card and cut out

Well done if you made it this far! xxxxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

12- Israel

Started feeling positive. By Thursday I'd gone off the boil

I kept coming back to the star of David. But that's pretty simpleish

Then I kept coming up with Mendalas

I though they were a Buddhist thing but maybe not?!

They remind me very much of zentangles sue and Rach introduced me to ***waves***

Here is my offering I was a bit worried about this week as did kinda want to go down a religious route but though I didn't want to get it wrong. I just hope what I've done isn't offensive.

I'm a semi good catholic girl however not a church going one and not sure all my views would come up to scratch so best to keep my gob shut. This paragraph poss isn't needed n don't be surprised to come back and it's been deleted. Xxxxx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

10- Oh Canada

This week was Canada . Our first truly BIG country. It was time to use the map poster I bought on a whim from urban outfitters.

Ok so it was too big for the card lets use it was the book page.

Next oooo red shiny paper lets cut out a maple leaf type shape. Ahhh tool big. Book page.

Ok let's google a moose. Let's copy moose on vellum. Love the moose. Let's stick in in the book.

Ok what next. Ah a cute little Canadian Mountie. Copy colour errrr stick in the book.

Errrrr isn't this a postcard challenge.

Ok let's stick ribbon to a post card to look like mountains. Fab idea. Shite in practice.

Today (Saturday ) we cleared out the pantry as it needs decorating. And kind a box of old photos.

I would never say I've been to Canada if people asked me but I have ok it was only to an airport for a couple of hours but I've been to the loo and had a drink in Gander and I have a phot to prove I was there. Well it was going I the bin pile as it was only of the airport but I decided to rescue it. Stick it to a post card and add a badly drawn on maple leaf. Et voila!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

09 Switzerland

I was excited by Switzerland

Wen I went on holiday the easy jet magazine was all things Swiss

There was an article about a wooden ski festival and about a train line

I knew I was going for the skis. But with no ink in the printer and I can't find the mag I acquired from the plane.

I've been on easy jet website and you can read the mag online ( you have to register and I did to steal some images)

I've also been embarrassing Switzerland by eating Lindt chocolate

My card is a section of an old fashioned looking map poster ( I used a random part of the pacific realising this was pretty far from Switzerland I hastily cut up some Xmas paper to look like a mountain. Please screw your eyes up and indulge me. The. I cut up some more brown Xmas paper to make skis again please indulge me they are skis

Stuck it all together with double sides tape and added some snowflake table scatters.

Background more Xmas paper. Do you think it's bad luck to use them in February?
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