Thursday, 28 February 2008


Todays prompt from hs:ms is SURPRISE!!!! A reaction to something unexpected, have you had any surprises of late? Wikipedia

Surprise is expressed in the face by the following features:

  • Eyebrows that are raised so they become curved and high.
  • Stretched skin below the eyebrows.
  • Horizontal wrinkles across the forehead.
  • Open eyelids-- the upper lid is raised and the lower lid is drawn down, often exposing the white sclera above and below the iris.
  • Dropped jaw so that the lips and teeth are parted, with no tension around the mouth.
i was sat here racking my brains, when i decided i'd best go and make a start on tonights tea, yes i know its only 11am ish, but we are having home made burgers and need to give them time to set in the fridge so they have some attempt at staying together. my mum had seen a recipe for burgers in the slimming world mag she got and when she made them they fell apart bless them! so after flicking through the kleeneze catalogue i stumbled across a burger press!!! oooooo i wonder if they work! so cos even though we get a kleeneze cat deleiverno one ever seems to return to collect them, so i logged on to the trusty PC and found Cook ability via good old Google and ordered a burger press and a veg chopper, cos it was on friday night i just plumpt for stander 2nd class delivery 3-5 working days. so surprise number uno was the package arrived on monday morning!!! woo hoo!! pic below is a re-construction, stuck the pic back on the mat!!! then cos i couldn't get my camera to focus i makde fotoflexer paint it for me!!! hehe unsuprise number 1 the veg chopper is crap - might be ok once got used to it but the main suprise the big boy is that they burger press is fantastic!!! wanted to make my pic the burger press but seen as it is all overed in mince and onion i thought i'd do that pic after its been in the dishwasher!!! burger press is still in dish washer, but i decided to have one for my lunch as i manged to make 7!!! and worked out that they are 1.5 ww points each so quite a bargin!!! 10 points for the mince 1.5points for the egg 0 points for seasoning, onions and mushrooms 11.5 points /7 burgers = 1.5 points (rounded down) At long last the burger press gets its 5 mins of fame!!!


Rach said...

Ooo I have a burger press and they are cool I've made my own for years now. I have some fab burger recipes that are diet friendly I will put them up on my not a size zero blog as soon as I can.

Bambi said...

oh cool! that's handy to have (^_^)

Shannon said...

I have a burger press but it is probably not like yours. They are great if you think ahead!

Lou said...

Mmmmm nice looking burgers, may have to look into getting a burger press too. Im being bad tonight and having a mushroom supreme pizza and at 15 points (omg) I feel so guilty but Im still within my points so will just enjoy it.

Eleanor said...

Nice one -I also use mine for shaping the insides of fishcakes before the next step.
Love your wikipedia definition, sounds quite grotesque like that, lol.

Lou said...

WOW never knew the burgers where as low in points as that do you have the recipe qty's.

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