Sunday, 2 March 2008


here's my S.O.S was taken a couple of nights ago stood on my back step. i love the colours in the sky! added a boarder cos i thought it really does look like a picture!!! Happy Mothers day to all you UK mummy's !!! xx


Sue Nicholson said...

A little tip . . . . if you write a long comment then select and copy it before you submit OTHERWISE you could lose it like I just did :-(

So as I was sayin! Been away from the blogs for a few days so catching up.

You have some great shots :-) Love the cake, mmmm delicious, and your sps is great fun too.

Todays photo is lovely.

Nice to see that you are staying with HS:MS . . . it's addictive isn't it! Though sometimes life does get in the way :-D

Sue (copying before submitting this time)

JACKIE M said...

Great shots.

Bambi said...

lovely colors!

Rach said...

Beautiful colours! x

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