Saturday, 25 October 2008

things that infuriate me

this isn't intended to be a personal attack on anyone but i'm feeling so pent up with anger and irritation i thought if i made a list of things that annoy me i can't say that anyone i speak to on line has ever bugged me so sorry if i hurt any ones feelings : 1; men wearing sunglasses 2; babies crying 3; pet birds churping near a phone when speaking to its owner 4; people who feel that the bottom / top of esculators is the perfect place for a chat 6; people who ask a question, don't like the answer then re-ask the question in a million differnt ways 7; the number 13 8; yobs on the back of buses playing music and f'in this f'in that thinking they are the bees knees. 9; people in q's at busy times who have all day to be in that q. 10; sunburn 11; when a sandwich on bread has the 2 slices in opposite directions 12; dolly / clown necklaces 12a; my irrational fear of the number 13

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