Wednesday, 3 December 2008

03/12/2008 ~ Tradition

ng of customs or beliefs from one generation to another. Show us a tradition in your space today.
My Traditition may seem like an odd one, but its been traditional over the past few xmas'/ motherdays / birthdays to buy a Book by Bradley Trevor Greive. he puts funny words to Funny Pictures the 1st book we got was looking for Mr Right. and loads of B&W pics with funny captions we have also had the Blue Book amongst others i can't remember What io also like about him is that he supports the Taronga Zoo in NSW Australia. Odd you think why would i like a Zoo a million miles from home!! Well when i went to Austalia when i was 15. Not much was open on Xmas day so we went to the Zoo!!! Had my best ever xmas there, yes it was odd not being with the old people but at the same time liberating, we got up had a mooch down to Circle Quay got the Ferry across to the Zoo and the cable car up to the Zoo. i was wearing my Man UTD shirt, got ribbed by the people at the booking offoce as i think they had lost the last match (i hate football now but back then i <3 Eric cantona) We had Hot Dogs for Xmas got chased by Peacocks and other giant birds in the cafe!!! we went to see the kangaroos!!! You went to through 2 security gates and into a path way with all the Kangers. they had grass and trees and things Part way round there was a carpark type security barrier in the middle of a grassy area, with no fence on either side Similar to the below image my mum looked round and said thats not very safe they could easily escape. Quite loudly and everyone turned round. i couldn't answer her for laughing!!! it was only when we got round to the otehr side and we went out throught 2 security gates thats she twigged1!! ok sorry i got side tracked!!! the Zoo was fab really good all the animals where well cared for and i saw tazmanian devils they are soooooooooo cute!!!!

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