Thursday, 15 January 2009

14/01/2009 ~ Sport

An athletic game or pastime, often competitive, involving physical capability, show us 'Sport' In your space today.
I (ahem) walked the race for life on 15/06/08 and raised £70 for Cancer Research, this and the Wii are the closest i've come to sport in quite a while!!! i decided to drag the wii fit out tonight after months of non-action, but alas the batteries had died with my fathers half arsed attempt to say he'd find me some he sat down put his laptop on dug out some earphones and loads BBC Iplayer!!! so i grabed the batteries out of the old camera and stuck then in the wiimote as that 2 had died!! and had a look to see what games we had. we got a wii a while back and the wii fit when it came out at 1st but we really don't take advantage of it. we've got loads of games and my dad has been to morrisons a few times when they have the cheap game offers on. last time we went he bought Wii Family ski that can be used with the balance board so i thought go on then i'll have a turn and my god is it fun!!! only did single player free style as we only had 2 working batteries!!! but its well good, u can take virtual pics of your mii and get challenges and still i was doing jumps. if u want an arm work out its highly reckomended!!!

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Rach said...

Oooo Well done you. x

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