Friday, 6 July 2012

27. Isle of Man

I used a calendar stamp in pink and blue ink for the back ground then with a black ohp pen drew (ahem copied) the symbol. I struggled with the blooming foot. It felt like I was trying to draw looking in a mirror.

Not done the back.

I have caught up with Thailand but not happy with it so not posting that for now xxx


Kaylene said...

Great card and image.

mags21 said...

like your card. glad to see you are back.

Jen said...

Super drawing for your postcard.
Jen x

Gina said...

That's an amazing job with the emblem...a really tricky thing to draw, even when copying :D XXX

StefiJ said...

Thank you all, its good to be back.

i'm aiming to do 2 cards a week for the next few weeks to get caught up on the cards.

the backs and book pages can wait


Janet said...

It is great that you managed to draw the emblem! Your postcard is full of energy.

Janet xx

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