Saturday, 1 September 2012

WTJ Mega Catch Up

It's been a while since i've done a post.

My WTJ has been ticking over, some of the pages are complete and won't get added to. Some might get changed completely. Others will be added to gradually over weeks and months. 

As you can teall i have made my own and i have followed a list i found on line, what i liked about the journal i just was it was a bit wrecked before i started.

Introduction and Materials List

Number the Page and Leave this page Blank
 The favourite page i've done is below. - Spill your coffee here. I drew a mug on each page and coloured it in with Aqua pencils and spilt Tea and Coffee
Spill Your Coffee Here. 
 I also like the next page. you can't really see the holes i've poked and i found some felt flowers which i think it was from the Early Learning Centre (ELC) when my local store was closing down.
Poke with holes
 You can see the wholes i've poked better on this next page
Draw Fat Lines and Thin Lines
 I also like the next page
Hand Prints
 I hate this next page, no idea why i drew a turtle 
Target Practice

Scratch this Page
 I haven't done a Pencil rubbing since i was at school, at first i struggled, but then we found loads of old coins from all around the world so i went a bit crazy
Pencil Drubbings

Tear this page and stick these pages together
 I took my book and pens on the bus to do the next page
Draw lines whilst Moving
 The next set of pages is a mixture of scrap book paper, stickers and cricles i got free with a craft magazine that i didn't know what to do with 
Fill This page with Circles

Chew this Page
 I had a Nibble 
I had a chew

Make a Funnel
 I made a funnel out of the actual book page, then created a new book page to add the funnel back to
It looks like a Funnel

Testing it

Water comes out
Wow it didn't run, i wish i'd used cheap pens 

Crumple and make a paper plane
Repeat the same word over and over again
Fill the page with stickers
Doodle on the back of an Envelope 
Make a Paper Chain 
Fill with Fruit Stickers

Fill with office supplies and Take me for a shower 
Sew this Page
Fill with Stamps
Fill with Random Items
I decorated the next Page with Viking type items which tied in with a Tee Time challenge
Close your eyes and draw a line between the circles
Add a picture of yourself that you hate and talk about it 
Fill when Angry
Sleep with thr Journal and Document it
Other ways to Wreck the Journal
Draw a picture, Lick your fingers and SMUDGE
Draw with Glue
Fill with 4 Letter words
  Have you got a WTJ? how are you getting on with it?

1 comment:

Darcy said...

wow you have done loads!! I have been rubbish and the only page that gets done is the fruit sticker page lol

I have your pages sat on my desk just waiting for inspiration to strike lol

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