Thursday, 19 January 2012

Postcard 01 Austria

Darcy I will add links soon. (see i have linked) Set a post card challenge. And I love postcards my ears pricked up

I don't consider myself arty in any way I take photos I doodle and that's my limit

I saw some of my friends had joined. In and I thought sod it I wanna play!

So the challenge is create oust cards a story and 2 characters

Since I saw the post my mind has been working over time.

Country 1 was Austria. This is a country I have visited twice I was only in second and third year at high school I remember the highlight was finding a McDonald's oh how cultured we were!

It's a beautiful country and I want to find some of my photos to decorate my background.

Inspired by my friend sue. If I've been to the country of the week I want to include pictures from there.

Ok post card. I'm really not happy with it but I will share

Bet you can't guess who my inspiration is?!

UPDATE 20/01/12 - i go on holiday tomorrow but as i'm actually on the computer i wanted to flesh out my post a little bit.

Yes you guessed correctly my inspiration is Klimt and the painting Hope.

I used to have a posted of the kiss on my wall and i even have a book about Klimt, i was so inspired by his work when i was doing my textiles GCSE (i got an E - says it ll really!)

i got a bit giddy colouring in with pencil crayons i'd got free from H&M (yes the clothes shop) which was just on a scrap of note pad paper then i started with the buttons, on my way home from work i popped into Paperchase (never a good idea) and i might have accidently purchased some pro markers.

i prob should have shopped around bought on line but i don't care they got me what i wanted, the pack i've got is comic book 2 ( it think) i used the poppy for the background, and a brown that has turned out quite gold got the circles. and i left the boobies out!

i also got a fab book in the sale to use, i was just going to use an existing note book i had but the postcards are almost the same size this pad has a spiralbound spine so room for extra pages and the pages are almost card like with a fab (almost) square lines whicgh i'm happy to have showing.

i haven't looked for the Austia pictures yet. why did they not have digital cameras back then?!

the flag is just printed out and the pen is a calligraphy from a pack i got from asda i think you get 8 in a pack 2 blue, red, green and black.


Darcy said...

great start Steph, so happy to have you on board. looking forward to seeing more cards. love that you are going to use your own photos too.

TopazPearleGirl said...

Very Klimt-ish! Nice job.

Cynthia said...

love the design off to the side and flag opposite. beautiful colors.

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