Thursday, 1 March 2012

09 Switzerland

I was excited by Switzerland

Wen I went on holiday the easy jet magazine was all things Swiss

There was an article about a wooden ski festival and about a train line

I knew I was going for the skis. But with no ink in the printer and I can't find the mag I acquired from the plane.

I've been on easy jet website and you can read the mag online ( you have to register and I did to steal some images)

I've also been embarrassing Switzerland by eating Lindt chocolate

My card is a section of an old fashioned looking map poster ( I used a random part of the pacific realising this was pretty far from Switzerland I hastily cut up some Xmas paper to look like a mountain. Please screw your eyes up and indulge me. The. I cut up some more brown Xmas paper to make skis again please indulge me they are skis

Stuck it all together with double sides tape and added some snowflake table scatters.

Background more Xmas paper. Do you think it's bad luck to use them in February?


Jamie Lynn said...

lol, is it bad luck to listen to Christmas music all year? I think not my friend!


Margaret said...

Lovely images you choose, fab! nothing wrong with a spot of Lindt, believe me, it's all good...M

Sandra Hoogland said...

I love Christmas, every day of the year! :)
You did well this week!!! ♥

Janet said...

Like the skis and appreciate the trouble you went to eating the chocolate to get "in the mood".

Janet xx

Darcy said...

a bit of Christmas spirit all year round sounds good to me. Shame you had to go eating chocolate lol all in a good cause though lol

gottahavemoxie said...

It's amazing how inventive you can be when the need arises, like no printer ink. Your very creative and I really like your card.

Leialoha said...

So creative using the brown paper for the skis...and the sprinkling of snowflakes is a great touch. (I happen to like lindt chocolat too! well any kind of chocolat will do) aloha.

Katheen said...

You are so creative! Great job.

Jen said...

Recycling has to be good and eating the chocolate a must I'd say. Fab postcard.
Jen x

Doone said...

love the ski card, I do think there is nothing nicer than the thighs of a male skier ( or rugby player) hmmmm


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