Saturday, 10 March 2012

10- Oh Canada

This week was Canada . Our first truly BIG country. It was time to use the map poster I bought on a whim from urban outfitters.

Ok so it was too big for the card lets use it was the book page.

Next oooo red shiny paper lets cut out a maple leaf type shape. Ahhh tool big. Book page.

Ok let's google a moose. Let's copy moose on vellum. Love the moose. Let's stick in in the book.

Ok what next. Ah a cute little Canadian Mountie. Copy colour errrr stick in the book.

Errrrr isn't this a postcard challenge.

Ok let's stick ribbon to a post card to look like mountains. Fab idea. Shite in practice.

Today (Saturday ) we cleared out the pantry as it needs decorating. And kind a box of old photos.

I would never say I've been to Canada if people asked me but I have ok it was only to an airport for a couple of hours but I've been to the loo and had a drink in Gander and I have a phot to prove I was there. Well it was going I the bin pile as it was only of the airport but I decided to rescue it. Stick it to a post card and add a badly drawn on maple leaf. Et voila!


Cynthia said...

love the little bits of Canada. Drawing of the Moose is so adorable and love how the red leaf meanders in two places. I was at the '67 World Expo in Montreal. I was 8 mo. pregnant. It was amazing.

Alison xx said...

I love your moose too. He's so cute !! A xx

Jen said...

You have to love that moose.
Jen x

Gina said...

Hahahahaha.....was getting excited about the ribbon mountains :D...and then the photo proving you went to the loo at the airport...,hahaha :D Great page and postcard :D XXX

Sandra Hoogland said...

Soooo funny! Seems like a lot of us have been to Canada at one point in their lives!
I love your card and page, especially the story behind it! The moose is so adorable! ♥

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