Sunday, 8 June 2008



Today's the day to show off those pics :) Not sure if this should be a show off or not but haven't got any pretty pics to share, this is round one of 5 that we had last night at Efes Turkish Restaurant in Manchester. I had an hmmmmm time, not my kinda thing, hated the food that cost we £22 and the whole thing cost over £60!!!!! :( It wouldn't have been too bad if i ate Lamb but i don't and it is almost a pre-requsit for turkish menus, but i didn't expect all the meats to be piled up on top of one and other, i thought it'd be a but like La Tasca when you get separate plates of each dish! but No!!! my friend managed to pic me off 2 small peices of chcken and 2 chicken wings that hadn't got lamb touching them but the side dish was rice and it was under all the meat so i wouldn't touch it cos it had lamb jucies on it!! i felt like i was gonna be sick all the time i was there, i've only just come to terms with sitting with people who eat lamb but having to eat meat off the same plate!!! as soon as i'd had my 4 scraps which did have a faint lamb flavour i had to leave the table i pretended to be going for a fag but i stood out side heaving. i can't expain what it is about lamb that i hate so much, i think the smell comes first, the look of it the grey/ brown sliminess of it and the texture its one of the type of food when you are chewing and chewing and it doesn't go anywhere!!! i haven't eaten lamb since iwas about 10 years old with the exception of a couple of very ill advised Donner Kebabs when i have been too drunk to see and it seems like a really good idea belive me i havre always regreted them the last one i had was about 4 years ago and i could taste it for a week, i've also eaten lamb in a meat samosa wheni was very drunk, i was told it was veg and it was only after i had taken a bite i realised that was soon discarded. my friends think that cos i have managed to eat these things when i have been drunk i could be able to eat say a Lamb chop, but donner kebabs don't have that over powering lambiness to them maybe because in my own personal opinion i think they are donkey or horse meat may be even goat or llama meat!!!

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JanMary said...

Oh no - sounds like a horrible meal. I am not a huge lamb fan, and I would have struggled too.

At least you managed to get a photo to share!

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