Saturday, 14 June 2008


My Hair never curls!!!! but like a sucker i went out an bought yet another pair of curling tongs!!! but thanks to them going to 230 degree C, it does and these curls are with out the aid of any styling products!!! Couple of other things i want to get off my chest: i had a semi psychic moment today in town, there was this woman walking down the road with a M&S bag for life and we don't have an M&S where i live!! i thought to myself it must be hard for security guards to spot shop lifters with a lot of people using bags for life, years a go i worked with the security guard in a shop and she told me a lot of shop lifters tend too have a bag from a shop that isn't in the town that the shop lift from, so for example where i live it could be an M&S bag or A bhs BAG. just as i thought my though a girl from the body shop came out of the shopping centre with a security guard and shouted that her running now with the purple top, when i looked it was the woman i'd seen with the M&S bag how bizzar!!! there was something else but its gone for now!!! :)

1 comment:

anita said...

i hve the same problem with my hair...can't get it to huh??!!!
great pic tho!

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