Monday, 6 February 2012

Postcard 05 France

I have decided to do two post cards from France Ohh Lala

I have a couple of reasons for this

I bought a pack of Paris based post it notes a couple of days before i decided to do the challenge - i knew France had to come up eventually!

and Even though i hate football i am in love with 2 footballers! Eric Cantona and zinidine zidane, they had to feature some how.

Now as you know i have been away minus anything remotely crafy so had to catch up once i got home 

My Card decisions also be came complcated by an article saw an article in the Sunday times travel section about a carnival.
Card 1 - Paris
Paris Post-its put to good use (i have ruined this card by accident so i will re do it soon) 
Back of card more post it notes and the airmail label is from my trusty pack of writing paper from Watersones 
Background page, initially i was going to print off some old posters from the internet like Chat Noir etc etc but then i decided to paint the page white (like you do!) for some reason i also put out black paint so decided to give it ago and i actually like it! 

you can't tell on thos photo but on the white background i used the flower stamp to make indents, then after i'd painted the tower it looked a bit shit! so while the paint was wet i added more flower stamps no extra paint just stamped away like a mad woman!

i think it broke the badly painted tower up ( i didn't sketch it first as the white paint was still wet i just made it up as i went along looking at a tiny image of the tower)
Card 2
This card is going to be from S who is at a carnival in Nice.o I've been adding to my carnival back ground. I've used some aqua pencils for the top sunflowers and yellow water colour paint and pva for the bottom ones
I also found a flower stamp so used the same yellow paint to stamp some down the side of the page.
FINISHED page and Card...apart from the yellow blob bottom right corner i am quite happy with it! 
Note to self keep pages simple!

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Alison xx said...

Love your card, two great players. A xx

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