Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bit of a geek.

I decided to try and list 52 countries. Assuming I would quickly fail. But I can name a lot more than 52. So in my list I just said Africa and the Caribbean instead of breaking it down to a more detailed level. Even then I still could name more than 52. I wonder if we will go to the places I've listed?
1- Austria
2- Spain
3- Brazil
4- China
5- France
6- Belgium
So here goes my list

7- Australia ( my guess from Darcy's clue)  Wales
Now just a random list
8- Denmark
9- Sweden
10- new Zealand
11- Portugal
12- Canada
13- Switzerland
14- Malta
15- Greece
16- mexico
17- Germany
18- luxembourg
19- Finland
20- Norway
21- Estonia
22- Iraq
23- Iceland
24- poland
25- Africa
26- Nepal
27- Japan
28- the Caribbean
29- Romania
30- Russia
31- Latvia
32- Lithuania
33- England
34- Ireland
35- Scotland
36- Wales Australia
37- peru
38- USA
39- Indonesia
40- Italy
41- Netherlands
42- Moldova
43- turkey
44- hungry
45- Iran
46- India
47- Argentina
48- chile
49- Mongolia
50- Saudi Arabia
51- Bulgaria
52- Pakistan


Gina said...

LOL...I've got a whole family of list makers :D Every year they make a list for where they think the teams in all 4 football league wil finish. At the end of the season they get the lists back out and "score" their results to see who wins.....and there isn't even a prize??? XXX

StefiJ said...

Haha Gina that's a great idea.

serendipity said...

Great list, wonder if any of them will match up? I was convinced it would be Wales 2 weeks ago, and had my story all planned out, but we were sent to France lol
Jan x

StefiJ said...

i was wondering the same!

i doubt it very much, even with Darcy's clues I've still been way out! :)

some of the countries i really hope we don't visit, but other i'm really looking forward to and already have cunning plans in mind (i watch way too much Blackadder!)

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