Friday, 16 May 2008


Disney and Dwarfs continue. i have had an idea that is more bash than bashful as its Saddleworth Band contest tonight!!!! think Brassed Off if your not sure what i mean or see their website But that doesn't start tol 4.30pm so i thought i know what i'll nip to the Disney store to get a more traditional bashful, but out of all 7 dwarfs no bashful, 2 types of grumpy!!!! grrr now i'm grumpy!!! haha so here are all 7 with out bashful for the time being!!! I have also bought myself a temporary camera a pratica 3.1MP to keep me going have just noticed one of my test pics could almost be bashful!!! But in truth i think it may be nosiness!!! This is next doors cat Samson sat on top of his owners new car!!! well my cunning plan failed as i did not take a single picture at the band contest and i was there from 4.30pm!!! hahaa and the Disney shop failed me so my bashful has failed for the day, lets see what wonderful word we get tomorrow and hope that i have better success!!!!

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