Saturday, 17 May 2008


another one bites the dust!!!! Grumpy today i am!!! i feel ill still viral illness pppfffffttt i reck chest and ear infection, i'm getting worse!!! i'm also grumpy as my friend asked me to do something tonight what we didn't know, i was gonna suggest going out for tea but she stressed very clearly that she was skint so i didn't mention it, she text me at 3pm saying she was bored and when it got to half 5 with no mention of an evening activity i gave up and started on tea (ok my mum did but i made the salad!) just was it was being put on plates girl number 2 called and said that her and friend number 1 were going for a curry and that i was invited (gee thanks, i said i couldn't as my tea was just being put out and she said have it tomorrow!!!! (not knowing what it was or anything!!!) i said i couldn't so then she asked what i was doing later so i said waititng to hear from friend number 1 she said oh ok) 5 mins later friend number 1 text as if girl number 2 hadn't phoned me!!! and that after the curry they were having a girlie night was a playing out, i just text back saying can't do curry as just had tea. feel so peed off want to see friend number one but girl number 2 does my head in at times she a lovely person but grrrrr i'm annoyed, i do this a lot bite my nose to spite my face what to do what to do!!!! any how back to the promt grumpy!!! (more sulky!) me after the text / phone calls!!!!

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Louise said...

i have a little oen that does that face!

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