Friday, 30 May 2008



Continuing on with our Disney inspired prompts, today we start with one of the most famous litters of puppies I know. Obviously we wont make you snap them all but we'd like you to work through just a few of the 101 Dalmatians. Starting with.. You learn something new everyday, i didn't even know there was a dalmatian called Freckles!!! thinking about it i only remeber Perdy and Lucky, was there a patch as well? hmmmm it's not one of my fave Disney films, my mum loves it and i like the live action version cos Hugh Laurie is in in!!! Phwooooorrrr!!!! CHEAT!!! This is me in Gran Canaria 2007. Photo taken by my mama. i have freckles!!! i get freckly Knees really badly but thankfully i spared you from seeing that you will have to checkout my arm and face for todays freckles!!!

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Shannon said...

It is the Sorcerer’s Stone here in the USA. I think all of our books differ from yours. Should have a Harry Potter book swap.
I think biggie was and older term used.
I'll do an American word when I get done with the British.
Great shot!

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