Thursday, 10 May 2012

Art Journal

I've been intreaged by this concept for a while and I'm sure I'm way behind the times but I've started my own. It's Ina water colour pad I've had for years that have some zentangles in when I started doing them a couple of years ago

My pages so far

They won't be I'm order but I'll take you through them

1. Tree. This is my default doodle. A tree with my name round it. Ir also added likes and dislikes and some brads for flowers. I hate this page

2. Girlie page. I ripped up some scrapbook papers I had and added some cut outs from a pack of things I've never used

3 watercolour zentangles

4. S's and dots

5. Nod to Jubilee

6. Dedicated to the postcard challenge

7. Magazine rip outs

8. Red prepped

9. Blue prepped.

10. Yellow prepped. This has some bits glued to the page first for added interet and will be a page about my birthday.

11. Green prepped

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