Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wreck this journal

Sorry another update.

Cover - I found the Chavy bling a lot of it wouldn't peel off so I've stuck on what I can

Spill page- coloured in with drwent aquatone's so I'm hopeful the colours will run when I drip.

Page numbers / leave blank

I've water colour washed the back ground and coloured in with a mix of aquatone's and paper mania metallic pens and one gold paint pen

Leave blank was done with some daubs of tube lamp black water colour paint and a face wipe in lui of a brush then written on with a paper mania colour burst marker.

Test page. Just added some more pens

Fat lines/ thin lines. I've added. A mix water colour wash. Not sure what I'm gonna do on here yet

Paper chains. This is the page I couldn't remember last night. I didn't want to cut the page up as it has the fruit stickers on the next side. I used some origami papers cut into strips and stapled together in heart shapes something I saw on pinterest. However my battery was dead so I couldn't check how to do it. It hasn't turned out great but this isn't about perfection

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