Thursday, 10 May 2012

19 Bulgaria

I've still been poorly so I want going to do this one. Then I got a bit of time on the main pc. I tend to only use my iPod / blackberry for fb twitter when I'm at home as use a pc all day at work but found out about a cross that is special to Bulgaria and used that as my inspiration.

I have written all the backs of cards up to the one before Romania. So will do a catch up post soon.

I glued the print out of the crosses and the writting using pva as I knew it would "bleach" out the colours from the paper and I'm liking the effect. I ha planned to draw a cross on to the post card but I've hurt my back this afternoon to add to the ear infections and cheat infections I've already got!



abby j said...

Hey Steph... Poor you and Darcy...hope you're feeling better VERY soon! I almost did that cross for Bulgaria. Imagine such tiny must be extraordinary in person!! Good choice...nice!


Jamie Lynn said...

Nice! <3

Margaret said...

Love your card, well done for getting it done in spite of not feel too good. Hope you're feeling better soon. M

Joanna said...

Poor you, you sound very poorly.

Well done for getting your postcard done, I like the layering :o)

NatashaMay said...

Hope you'll get better soon. Your Bulgaria cards is great!

Janet said...

Hope you soon feel fit and well. Lovely postcard and page.

Janet xx

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