Monday, 14 May 2012

Wreck this journal

I've done a few more bits to pages.

I'm sure this will be an intense project for a while then I will get bored of it.

It's defo not a thing to do in order. Some pages I want to do before I do the others

Like the sew on page I want to do before the next page which is stick a newspaper on to. However I think the newspaper would give additional strength to the page. So I'm torn.

All the pages before are works in progress.

I have lots of stickers but I don't want to fill it so soon

We have a lot of fruit in but only one banana had a sticker on it

I'm going to use watercolour paints on the numbers page and maybe a coue of other pages

I thought of something else I wanted to do but after flicking through the book I totally can't find it.

The drip coffee page. I have started to spill coffee on it but after I did it I drew a cup on each page. I'm going to colour with water colour pencils and respill coffee on one side and tea on the other.

I'm a bit gutted that most of my pens show through and I know this would be the case with the official one as well

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